Sherpa Medical Fleece White

FMS Dog Beds


Our white sherpa fleece is a new addition to the FMS Dog Beds line of products! It is manufactured in the USA, for the medical industry, so it wicks the moisture away, prevents bed sores and will not retain heat. These are extremely soft, comfortable for the pet, and great for the veterinary industry, breeders, and pet owners in that it will assist in showing any discharge from wounds or seasons, and launders easily. 

Each side of the bed is about 1/2" thick, so a total thickness of 1" for the beds.. These are sewn and turned, so not tempting to chew on the edges and contain no batting. Versatile for using as a crate pad with excellent moisture control, or on top of existing bed as extra cushion.

Machine Wash, Dryer Safe, and you can Bleach the fabrics.  The fabric is non-static, hypoallergenic, won't hold a stain, and won't hold any odors. 

All beds are made by us at our warehouse in Mesquite, TX. 

These are also available in Kennel Packs

BED SIZE                   QUANTITY PER PACK           PRICE

        13X18                              20 BEDS                            $120.00

        18X24                              12 BEDS                            $120.00

        21X30                              10 BEDS                            $120.00

        24X36                                8 BEDS                            $120.00

        27X42                                6 BEDS                            $120.00

        28X48                                6 BEDS                            $120.00

        34X52                                4 BEDS                            $120.00