Custom Sizing

We offer custom sizes in any and all of our bed types.  To order a custom size bed, go to the listing for the type of bed you are looking for and find a size that is larger than both of your dimensions.  For example, if you want a 22 x 34 bed, select a 24 x 36 bed and add the custom dimensions in the "Add instructions for Seller" section (below Subtotal on Shopping cart page) of your order.  There are a few more examples below.

For a 20 x 28 bed, order a 21 x 30; or for a 25 x 34 bed,  order a 27 x 42 bed. These are only examples and almost any size can be made.

If there is not a listed bed that encompasses both of your desired dimensions or you have any other questions about custom size beds, please send an email to and we will let you know the price and can eventually send you an invoice with a link to pay.