Whelping Pool Covers

Fms Dog Beds


Our  Whelping Pool Covers are the most user friendly blankets on the market. we use two layers of short pile berber with a middle layer that wicks all moisture to the bottom away from mom + pups, all three layers are quilted together and go through a five-thread serger for long lasting quality. MEASURE ACROSS THE BASE OR BOTTOM OF THE POOL TO GET THE SIZE YOU NEED. 

With the  Whelping Pool Covers NEW TO MARKET are made the Same way as our regular whelping blankets with the  Whelping blanket on the bottom, and the sides single layer fabric with   1" elastic sewn in the top  for extra security as Mom Starts to do her nesting job.

Our Blankets are sturdy enough to handle the Birthing and the pups later on.  Thin enough you will get the HEAT from the heating pads underneath.  

With berber you will always have good footing for the pups, which is GREAT for the Muscle Memory and early stage growth. Berber being a hook stitch fabric you will  never have to worry about their nails getting caught up. Quick clean up, easy machine wash and dryer save, and yes, you can bleach them!  We have been told over the 20 years in business that these are the most user friendly whelping blankets our customers have ever used.

Craftsmanship and quality is and will always remain our top priority. Proudly made in Mesquite, Texas with all American made fabrics.