Premium Medical Fleece



**At this time, we have none of the light cream color Premium in stock.  We are unsure how soon we will be able to get more in stock in this particular color. Please only order if the yellow/dark cream color is acceptable. 

FMS Premium Medical Fleece is manufactured in the USA for the medical industry.  This material wicks away moisture, protects skin, and does not retain heat. There is ample cushion and softness to provide comfort and support with pile height 1.5" for a total of 3" thick beds. These beds are sewn, not quilted. Versatile on its own as a pad for a crate and offering excellent moisture control.  Additionally, it can be used as a topper on an existing bed to provide additional cushion and support.   

***Please note that premium fleece is considered such for it's durability and thickness. Color variation may occur, such as lighter or darker shades of cream and yellow. If you are looking for a particular color, please contact us via email.

Premium Cream Medical Fleece is machine washable and dryer safe.  

All FMS products are made in the USA and sewn to meet and exceed expectations for comfort, durability, and longevity.