Fms Dog Beds

$140.00 Regular price $200.00
Berber/Patterned Beds 

Where function meets fancy! These beds are usually only offered at shows or for special occasions, but we have decided to make them a regular in stock, order available item at Far More Shade Dog Beds. Backed with our customer favorite durable berber backing, and made with an assortment of beautiful yet sturdy patterned fabric on top, these beds are both fashionable and functional. If you have been a long time fan of our rounds, they are similar in style with the quilted polyester to the fabric and the quilted layers in between for added cushion. Patterns will vary and be unique, so if you have specific color needs please email us after ordering. 

All Berber/Patterned beds are machine washable and dryer safe and as always, made in the USA. 

        BED SIZE                   QUANTITY PER PACK           PRICE

        13X18                              20 BEDS                            $140.00

        18X24                              12 BEDS                            $140.00

        21X30                              10 BEDS                            $140.00

        24X36                                8 BEDS                            $140.00

        27X42                                6 BEDS                            $140.00

        28X48                                6 BEDS                            $140.00

        34X52                                4 BEDS                            $140.00