Fms Dog Beds

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Our Berber Kennel Packs are Made From our Berber Line of Beds.      They Are 4 Layers Of Quilted Goods all Sewn Together.  NO LOOSE BATTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This fabric is manufactured by one of Americas top mills. It is designed to go inside mens and womens heavy duty work jackets.  This is the layer that wicks the moisture away from the body, and does not conduct heat.

From your local construction worker to your Firefighters, Police Officers, Farmers, Hunters, and your all around Outdoorsmen, you will find this short pile Berber in your very best, top of the line jackets.


This is why we choose to give this wonderful fabric its own line. It will not shrink or wrinkle and is machine washable and dryer safe. And yes, you can bleach it!


This line will wick the moisture away and stay dry on the surface.. A nice utilitarian fabric and yet very comfortable. So whether you are doing field work or just laying it out on the floor, this is your go to pad. Craftsmanship and quality is and will always remain our top priority.  

Don’t forget about our $100.00 Kennel Packs as well. 

Available in 2 Colors

Smooth Desert Sand & Charcoal

****$120.00*************KENNEL PACK PRICING*********$120.00****************

        BED SIZE                   QUANTITY PER PACK           PRICE

        13X18                              20 BEDS                            $120.00

        18X24                              12 BEDS                            $120.00

        21X30                              10 BEDS                            $120.00

        24X36                                8 BEDS                            $120.00

        27X42                                6 BEDS                            $120.00

        28X48                                6 BEDS                            $120.00

        34X52                                4 BEDS                            $120.00