Tuff Pads



FMS Tuff Pads are synonymous with strength, versatility, durability, wear, and comfort.  You can expect quality as this is the material used in work jackets.  Premium durability meets the dog bed line! This bed will lay flat in a crate and is just enough cushion to support joints, yet thin enough to leave in the crate when the crate is folded for storage.

Tuff Pads are reversible with a combination of berber material on one side, and duck canvas on the other. Tuff Pads can also be made as a double -sided canvas - there is an additional $1 charge for double sided canvas. 

Destruction is a friend of the Tuff Pad. In the event your dog chews a hole in the bed, the construction will maintain the material allowing continued wash and use.  Definitely a favorite of many including a top contender for those in hunting, sporting, and other competitive land and water working venues.  Simply, they serve as a good option between stackable crates to deter items from falling through crates and offer a cushion surface between crates. 

Tuff Pads are machine washable and dryer safe.  Expect slight color bleed from canvas prior to initial laundering.  

All FMS products are made in the USA and quilted to meet and exceed expectations for comfort, durability, and longevity.