Fms Dog Beds


FMS Kennel Packs are featured as our economy line. Made from the same materials used in healthcare settings, the fabric repels stains, static, and odors.  They are extremely durable and hypoallergenic.  Destruction is a friend of these Kennel Packs. There is no loose batting material in our construction of these beds, it is 4 layers of quilted goods sewn together for comfort and to maintain the shape of the bed.  In the event your dog chews a hole in the bed, the construction will maintain the material allowing continued wash and use.  Definitely a favorite of rescue groups, boarding, and those with a multiple member "pack".  

Kennel Packs are machine washable, dryer safe, and bleachable. 

***Of note: FMS provides customized sizing upon request.  Our staff will choose an assortment of quality fabrics and patterns.  While we are unable to guarantee specific colors and patterns, please contact us for special requests.    

All FMS beds are made in the USA and are quilted and sewn to meet and exceed expectations for comfort, durability, and longevity. 

13x18 come 20 to a pack for $115.00

18x24 come 12 to a pack for $115.00

21x30 come 10 to a pack for $115.00

24x36 come  8 to a pack for $115.00

27x42 come  6 to a pack for $115.00

28x48 come  6 to a pack for $115.00

34x52 come 4 to a pack for  $115.00