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12 OZ COTTON DUCK CARHARTT BROWN W/ SHORT PILE GREY BERBER OR 10 oz Purple Duck canvas or 10 oz orange duck canvas 

The same durability as your Work Jacket that keeps you comfortable, is here for the Comfort of your Dogs.  

Our Tuff Pads are quilted 1.5 cushion batting and will lay flat in crates. Adds just enough cushion for your dogs joints, thin enough to leave in the crates when breaking down.

We only use the heaviest gauge fabrics we can find. If they chew into the bed, they only get what is quilted to each pocket, so you can keep washing and drying with the holes.

 Machine Wash, Dryer Safe.  Just treat them like an old pair of blue jeans.  

Patterns always change from batch to batch but the durability and craftsmanship always remains top priority. We hand pick all fabrics from American Mills, so we are always finding the heaviest denims, twill, and canvas on the market. We like to pair the heavy fabric with a nice short pile berber on one side to add the loft of the pad. NOW you can order double sided Canvas as well.  

They are reversible and can stay in the crates when folding down at the end of the show.  they also make great crate toppers to keep things from falling into the crate or just to have a little cushion in between stacked crates.  if using for the floor under the crate go one size larger than the crate.