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FMS Satin Coat Saver Pad Solids are manufactured from luxurious satin making them an elite choice for show dogs to prevent coat damage or for that pampered puppy at home. We have introduced satin used in the clothing industry, to the pet bed industry. Satin has long been known to prevent hair from frizz and tangling. Hair that has been shed is readily and easily removed. Perfectly pamper your prince or princess in comfort with fur/coat protection.  

This style of bedding is pure, comfort at its finest. We take 1oz cushioned batting specifically manufactured for us right here in Texas. We quilt the batting directly to the fabric right in our warehouse. Then we use two more quilted layers in the center of our quilted goods. All four layers are then sewn together so we have no loose batting. So that's over 3oz of cushion that still remains machine washable and dryer safe. 

Satin Coat Saver Pad Solids are machine washable and dryer safe.  We do not recommend bleaching. 

All FMS products are made in the USA and quilted and sewn to meet and exceed expectations for comfort, durability, and longevity.  

These packs may include both solids and prints from our satin line. Please note if specific colors or patterns are desired and we will make reasonable attempts to fulfill. 

13X18 SIZE 15 BEDS REGULAR $180.00 SALE $160.00

18X24 SIZE 10 BEDS REGULAR $220.00 SALE $180.00

21X30 SIZE   8 BEDS REGULAR $224.00 SALE $190.00

24X36 SIZE   6 BEDS REGULAR $216.00 SALE $190.00

27X42 SIZE   6 BEDS REGULAR $240.00 SALE $210.00

28X48 SIZE   6 BEDS REGULAR $264.00 SALE $210.00 

34X52 SIZE   4 BEDS REGULAR $224.00 SALE $210.00