Purple Paw Print Velour Tuff Pad

FMS Dog Beds

Limited Edition Paw Print Tuff pad is back for good! Purple Paw Print Velour minky fabric on top of our purple duck canvas for durability in our Tuff Pad style makes for a one of a kind pad. This is only available in this color option. These would be great gifts or for trophies at shows. 
Premium durability meets the dog pad line. This pad will lay flat in a crate and is enough cushion to support joints, yet thin enough to leave in the crate when the crate is folded for storage, and will always look fashionable in this fun fabric. 
These pads are machine washable and dryer safe.  Expect slight color bleed from canvas prior to initial laundering.  

All FMS products are made in the USA and quilted to meet and exceed expectations for comfort, durability, and longevity.