Donut Bed Minky

Fms Dog Beds

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Our Donut Beds are made with the same pride and craftsmanship as our beds. The entire bed is Machine wash and Dryer safe.  Yes you can Bleach and they will go thru the sanitize cycle on your washing Machine.

small size is 18" across with a removable pillow.The inside and outside of the bed are both finished with the same fabrics as the sides. the sides are 7" deep without the pillow and 6" deep with the pillow.

large size is 22" across with a 9" side and 8" with the bed.

extra large is 30” across with a 10” side and 9” with the bed.


All Fabrics on the site are available to make the donut beds from. below we have our luxury fabrics, but you can also use the cottons, or the satin coat savers.

with the satin donuts i just give a little extra TLC when washing, as the fabric is not as durable as the others.

your pets will love their beds year after year, and you will love them wash after wash.