Satin Coat Saver Pads Prints

Fms Dog Beds


  Our luxurious Satin is manufactured for the clothing industry and perfect for your fine pooch. whether he show in the ring or just show love around the home. ALL your dogs will feel that extra special care and pride we take in the craftsmanship of our work.

In the beauty industry satin has long been know to prevent frizz and tangling in women's hair so we bring aspect of the fashion world to the pet bed industry. so whether your working on your next best in show or the perfectly pamper prince or princess pad to set on your sofa you wont have to worry about your dogs coat matting in between styles. Also for your short hair sheders the hair just shakes right off!!

This style of bedding is pure, comfort at its finest. We take 1oz Cush Batting specifically manufactured for us right here in Texas. We quilt the batting directly to the fabric right in our warehouse using 1 of our 3 quilting machines made in the 1930s. Then we use two more quilted layers in the center of our quilted goods. All four layers are then sewn together so we have no loose batting. So that's over 3oz of cushion that still remains machine washable and dryer safe.

The beds you purchase from us will always come back to the same shape year after year, wash after wash.

Craftsmanship and quality is and will always remain our top priority.

Please check from the pictures below, our current patterns available, make your selections and we will get them right out to you.