Grooming Table Toppers

Fms Dog Beds


We use Heavy Gauge Bridal Satin to do our Table Toppers, But we can use any fabrics on our website.  

Our Grooming Table Toppers have 4" elastic sewn into the 4 corners to secure on the table and not move or slide.  On the 18x30 tables we use 2" elactic as the 4" is to thick for where the table legs fall. 

Whether you are Grooming a Show Dog or Someones Best Buddy these Table Toppers Make the Experience much more Pleasurable.  The Table Toppers are made the same as our Satin Coat Saver Pads except we do not add the additional 2 center layers. This keeps the cushion enough for the pups to be comfortable, but not so much you loose their feet when trying to groom.

What makes these even nicer is the fact that if you have young puppies new to grooming, it is not such a scary place to be when getting nails cut or hair cut or blown dry.  The same goes for the older guys, just a nice comfortable experience.

our current sizes are 18x30, 24x36, and 24x42.  We can custom make any size just let us know