WATERPROOF PADS Just In Case Pads Colors Vary

Fms Dog Beds

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We call Them JUST IN CASE PADS because they are there for any kind of accident or need.  Colors will vary,  we try to use the most ABSORBENT Fabrics and the colors will not always be the same. 

Our Water Proof Pads come in 2 Sizes 3x3 and 4x4.  We can make custom sizes on request.

These are great for Pee Pads or for whelping when pups are older. Rainy Muddy Days place by your front and back door to keep your floors cleaner from tracking by humans and animals. They are thin enough to stay in place as you open and close the door. In the back of your car they will help keep it clean from spills or accidents.  

The way we make our waterproofs is a little different than most.  We put the layer of waterproof in the middle of 2 layers of quilted goods.  They have a nice HEAVY weight so they won't slide around your floors, but at the same time will still easily go thru your washer and dryer.  AND YES THEY WILL GO THRU THE SANITIZE CYCLE ON YOUR WASHING MACHINE!!! We use the medical industry fabrics to make these as they won't hold a stain, odor, and are hypo allergenic.