Fms Dog Beds

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FMS Berber Kennel Packs offer material that is manufactured by one of America's top mills.  This berber fabric is primarily used in various heavy-duty men and women's workwear.  It is designed to wick moisture away from the body while staying dry on the surface and does not conduct heat.  This durable fabric is intended for rugged every day use but is still very comfortable.  A favorite of firefighters, police officers, farmers, hunters, and all around outdoor lovers, we know our professionals in the dog industry will love it too! 

In the event your dog chews a hole in the bed, the construction will maintain the material allowing continued wash and use.  Berber Kennel Packs will not shrink or wrinkle and are machine washable, dryer safe, and bleachable. 

All FMS beds are made in the USA and quilted to meet and exceed expectations for comfort, durability, and longevity.  Craftmanship and quality will always be our top priority in the construction of our products.  =


****$120.00*************KENNEL PACK PRICING*********$120.00****************

        BED SIZE                   QUANTITY PER PACK           PRICE

        13X18                              20 BEDS                            $140.00

        18X24                              12 BEDS                            $140.00

        21X30                              10 BEDS                            $140.00

        24X36                                8 BEDS                            $140.00

        27X42                                6 BEDS                            $140.00

        28X48                                6 BEDS                            $140.00

        34X52                                4 BEDS                            $140.00